Ian has brown hair and brown eyes and a mustache. He is posing in the foreground and smiling as he takes a selfie. He stands just in front of his bicycle at the edge of a field, having just cycled by a local farm. The field behind Ian is heavily sunlit, and the grass glows green in the mid-afternoon light. Leafy green trees line the far edge of the field in the background.

Ian’s research focuses on understanding Health and Wellbeing. He writes both for 19th-Century scholars and contemporary ethicists. He also has interests in Philosophy of Disability, Aesthetics, and Moral Psychology.

At Southern Miss, he regularly teaches on Bioethics, Wellbeing, and 19th- and 20th-Century European Philosophy.

He is also Book Reviews Editor for The Journal of Nietzsche Studies.

Ian D. Dunkle, PhD

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Advisory Board & Affiliate Faculty, Center For Ethics and Health Humanities
Affiliate Faculty, Disability Studies Program
Affiliate Faculty, Health Humanities Program
University of Southern Mississippi

Ian.D.Dunkle (a t) gmail.com